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The 1957 - 1958 Era

photo credits (work in progress):
RG] = Ray Griffith; [RCAF] = official photo;
no credit = unknown
Ed:  this era needs more photos
Nb:  see Bill Cole's Page for more early sqn photos

A little history:  423 AW(F) Sqn, co-stationed with 425 AW(F) Sqn at RCAF Stn St Hubert during the 1950's, was selected to replace 416(F) Sqn (F-86s) in 2 Ftr Wing, Gros Tenquin, France.  416 Sqn was to be re-instated as a CF-100 sqn at St Hubert.
The genesis of 416 AW(F) Sqn came from 425 AW(F) Sqn.  Some of the aircrew transferred over are seen in the following photo of 425 Sqn members attending a WPU course at RCAF Stn Cold Lake in Sep '56, namely Claude Montour and his nav Ross "Rosie" Drinkle (last crew on the right), Joe Gulyes and his nav Bert Legg (5th crew from the left) and Willie Milne and his nav Art Stuck (3rd crew from the right).  They were the only three crews from that course to become members of 416 Squadron on its formation 1 Feb. 57. 

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Genesis of 416 Sqn
425 Squadron WPU Course...Cold Lake Alberta...September 1956.

A little history (cont)
The following two photos show 423 Sqn CO, W/C Handley signing over station duties to W/C Drake and the re-birth of 416 AW(F) Sqn

"come on,  hurry up, there's flying to be done!"
W/C Handley; W/C Drake

"come on hurry up, there's Europe to be done!"
W/C Handley; W/C Drake

and 'pfft', just like that, 416 Sqn was reborn from a (F) to an AW(F) squadron.

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416 sqn 1957

416 AW(F) Squadron - Saint-Hubert, Québec

February 1957 [RCAF Photo]


From left to right, STANDING:

F/O A.G. Morotti - F/O Joe Gulyes - F/O Willie Milne - F/O Vince Magnus - F/O Ted Armstrong- F/O Carl Martin - F/O Les Dennis - F/O Ken Driscoll -

F/O Don Dumond - F/O FS Maritz - F/O R.E. Fulcher - F/O Ron Kay - F/O Peter Maunsell - F/O Steve Wright - F/O Peter DeSmedt - F/O G.R. Hostyn -

F/O Arnold Dagenais - F/O F.P. Bérubé - F/O Brian McKay - F/O Ross Drinkle - F/O Claude Parent - F/O Ray Amey - F/O Don Rullens - F/O Bert Legg -

F/O Bill Cole

From left to right, KNEELING:

F/O Art Stuck - F/L Norm Smith - F/L Ralph Lince - F/L Peter Cumberbirch - S/L Ron Ellis - S/L F.R Hamill - W/C W. L. "Smokey" Drake - F/L John Oickle - F/O Jim Stinson - F/O Ken Stubbings - F/O Claude Montour - F/O Don Phinney - F/O Serge Alain

Not in picture:

F/L Tony Slugowski




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416 Sqn 1958

416 AW(F) Squadron - Saint-Hubert, Québec

May 1958


From left to right, STANDING:

S/L D.S. Mckechnie - F/O Roland Tremblay - F/O Serge Alain - F/O Claude Montour - F/L Tony Slugowski - F/O Ray Amey - F/O Jim Barker -

F/L Neil Caddey - F/L Ralph Lince - F/O 'Stubby' Holmes - F/O Jean Lemay - F/O Jim Stinson - F/O Chalky Leblanc - F/O Brian McKay -

F/O Doug Crocker - F/O Maurice "Mac" Kinsey - F/O Vince Magnus - F/O Don Rullens

 From left to right, KNEELING:

F/L Don Doyle - F/O Tex McCheyne - F/O Barry Smeeth - F/O Ron Kay - F/O A.G. Morotti - F/O Bill Bland - F/O Art Stuck - F/L Stu Cassells -

F/O Nick Carter - F/O Ken Moulder - F/L Norm Smith - F/O Lyle Hall - F/O Godfrey Uyeno - F/O Ken Stubbings - F/O Bob Bolton - F/O Steve Wright -

F/O Peter Maunsell - F/O Clancy Atter - F/O R.E. Sherwood - F/O Ted Armstrong - F/O Ray Griffiths



Protecting Canada
there is always one book-worm
Jim Barker, Steve Wright; Ray Griffiths; Jim Stinson [RG]

"and this pub is renowned for its English beer"
Ray briefs the boys!
A Ray Amey briefing

Steely-eyed types awaiting the "scramble"
the only way to stay focused
Mac Kinsey; Ray Griffiths; Woody Sherwood [RG]

"The Russians are coming.........."
or maybe "stock-check anyone!"
Art Stuck; Clancy Atter; Jim Stinson; Vince Magnus

Penalty - "Roughing the Ball"
occasionally the two squadrons got along, briefly!
HU Rugby Team, 425/416...1957...Clive Loubser (3rd from right)...Stubby Holmes (4th from right).