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PUNCHBOWL 18759 RV 2010 The Planning


Joe Gulyes - whose generosity made this happen
18759 - and two other relics in their prime!
Yes, that's right - Pat has laboured in the fields, Lloyd has done his usual great liaison act, and a Reunion, plus a formal ceremony honouring Joe Gulyes, the Squadron and the generous painting donation of 18759 by the artist Allan Botting, is going to happen in September.
This page will be used to carry updates to the schedule, plus any important "news flashes" that come up. All changes will, of course, be signalled to everyone via the usual site-change broadcast.     

Lloyd's FINAL BRIEFING - Added August 5th
The Delta Edmonton South Hotel - book the hotel by telephone @
1-800-661-1122 .  Rooms are reserved under 416 Squadron. You can check out
the Hotel at  <http://www.deltahotels.com/> www.deltahotels.com. For those
with GPS, the Hotel is located at 4404 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton and the local
telephone number is: (780) 434-6415.  There is a shuttle bus service from
the airport to the Delta. The dispatcher is located at Door # 7 on the
Arrival Level and customers are served on a first come, first served basis.
From the hotel to Condo - Pat has two vehicles and other private cars will
be available to get to the "Meet and Greet" at Pat's condo about ten minutes
from the hotel. 
2.  Tuesday 14 Sep:  The "Meet and Greet" will be held at Heritage Manor at
10903 - 21 Avenue  from 1630 to about 2130 hrs.   Timing is everything -
pickup at the hotel will be at 1615 hrs.  This is a secure condo building so
we will have someone at the door at 1630 hours to let the guests in and
direct them to the elevator and the Hospitality Room on the 4th floor. Those
that are unable to arrive around 1630 hours, can call Pat on his cell (780)
690-8115 and we'll send someone down to the lobby to let you in. If you
don't have a cell phone then you can call him from the hotel.  Pat and Gary
have offered to host the drinks.  WOULD YOU LET ME KNOW WHAT PREFERENCES YOU HAVE SO THEY CAN ORDER THE "RIGHT STUFF".   We plan to order pizza at some point and split the cost for the food.  We can use one or both of Pat's vans to pick up people at the hotel to get them to the condo, but they should plan on taking a taxi back to the hotel. WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW IS WHO NEEDS A RIDE? 
3.  Wednesday, 15 Sep :  Painting Presentation and Evening Dinner.   Plan to
meet at the Delta Hotel Lobby at 0900 hrs for the trip to Wetaskiwin.   We
plan to car pool. Pat plans to take both vans, and with a few private
vehicles we will have adequate space to take all those I've heard from who
are coming.  If someone plans to rent a vehicle please let me know.   The
artist, Mr. Allan Botting, and his wife Karen, will also be driving down.
It is 67 kms from the hotel to the museum and takes about 45 mins to an hour
depending on traffic.  We are to meet the Museum Curator, Mr. Justin Cuffe,
at the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin at 1030 hrs and will take about half an
hour for presentations and visit to 18759 and air park.  For this formal
presentation we'd ask the guys to wear jacket and tie.
Our web master, Bob Eley, has volunteered to be our official photographer.
The Museum presentation will include arrival about 1015 hrs:
a.  1030 hrs - Backgrounder on the Painting and Joe Gulyes . - Lloyd Graham
and Peter DeSmedt (Joe's nav);
b.  Painting Presentation to Reynolds Museum - Mr. Allan Botting and Justin
c.  Presentation of 416 Sqn/759 History Plaque to Reynolds Museum - Dan
Gagnon - Former CO 416 Sqn
d.  Visit to 18759/tour the vintage a/c display/photos
e.  1200 hrs - Light Lunch in Museum Cafeteria.
f.   1300 hrs - Escorted tour of Museum
g.   NLT - 1530 hrs - depart for Delta Hotel.
h . 1630 hrs - Arrive Delta - rest, cocktails, prepare for dinner;
i.   1830 hrs - Dinner - likely the Delta  Hotel

4.  Thursday, 16 Sep 10 -  Farewell Breakfast at Hotel.  We will arrange a
time at dinner Wednesday that is convenient for everyone to meet for a
Farewell Breakfast.

5.   The following individuals have indicated they will be there and will
attend all events :
Pat & Edna Ledgerwood, Lloyd & Mary-Lou Graham, Gary & Una Garnier, Trom
Tremblay, Sharleine Haycock, Dan Gagnon &  Olga Vanier , Bob & Margaret
Eley, Andy & Vivian Hartford, Arnold Dagenais, Ed & Mary Goski,  Al
Wardstrom , Ray Lovegrove, Peter Desmedt and artist, Allan & Karen Botting.
Tex & Helen McCheyne,  Ron and Leslie Egli and Chalky and Terry Leblanc
have advised me they can't make it due to health issues.  I haven't heard
from any other sqn members.  
 IF ANYONE ELSE IS INTERESTED - PLS LET ME KNOW ASAP - as we need to know for transportation and dinner bookings.   Peter James Taggart - where are
6.   For those noted above - I NEED to know by phone or e-mail:
       a. Are you are still planning on attending?
       b. ETA Delta Hotel?  Do you need transport to Meet & Greet and
          Wetaskiwin?  Andy & Gary will you be taking your cars and pax?
Looking forward to  seeing all you  all in Alberta  in the near future.
Lloyd (902-765-6133)
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Copy of Lloyd's initial E-mail briefing, despatched 6th April 2010:
 Pat Ledgerwood has been working on arrangements with the Reynold's
Museum in Wetaskiwin and several places in Edmonton to pin down some of the
final detail on our schedule for a museum presentation, accommodation and
food.  As we originally suggested in our message below, and based on what
you folks have suggested in the planning stage, the program will look
something like this:
a.  Tuesday, 14 Sep 10 - Arrival in Edmonton  - We have narrowed the choice
to two options  - the Edmonton South Delta Hotel ( group rate of $119.00 +
tax  and full dining room) or the brand new Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Edmonton South (full breakfast included for $120.00 + tax) on the  South
side (they are  best for  group  prices/accommodation/parking and access).
Since we are not  yet  sure of the exact numbers coming  and because of
ridiculous deposit and guarantee requirements for renting rooms and bar
tenders, Pat has arranged to have our evening "Meet and Greet" in the
"Hospitality Room" at his new condo where he and Gary Garnier plan to host
everyone to drinks and snacks, then send out for real food to keep the party
going.  This great facility is available for our use and it's 10 mins from
the  Delta or 5 mins from the Holiday Inn Hotel by taxi, so  no need for
anyone to have to drive.   We can carry on back at the hotel later - for
those with the stamina.   Either one will work.  I suggest the Delta would
best meet our needs due to access to restaurants and the Calgary Trail to
Wetaskiwin.  Let me know if you have a preference.  We will get addresses
and phone numbers for reservations out to you by 1 May.
b.  Wednesday, 15 Sep 10 - Painting Presentation and Evening Dinner -  Pat
has arranged with the Museum Curator, Mr. Justin Cuffe, to meet at the
Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin at 1030 hrs for the presentation of the
painting to the museum.  It is 67 kms from the hotel to the museum and takes
about 45 mins to an hr depending on traffic.  Mr. Allan Botting is donating
this painting (see his web page
http://sites.google.com/site/aircraftpaintings/  ) in memory of Joe Gulyes
and has had a brass plaque made that reads as follows: 
Presented to the
Reynolds - Alberta Museum
In Memory of F/O Joe Gulyes
and In honour of 416 AW(F) Squadron
Avro Canada CF-100 Mk 5 circa 1958 416 Squadron RCAF
I intend to have another plaque done to compliment the painting which will
outline the brief history of the Squadron at St. Hubert. 
The media will be invited to attend, so Bob Eley, perhaps you could have a
few select photos available for them to look at i.e sqdn group photo, a/c.
???  They will certainly want to use our web site. 
This formal ceremony will be a jacket and tie event and will take place in
the museum aircraft hanger. It should take about 30 mins, then we'll view
a/c 759, tour the vintage a/c display, have lunch in the museum and be given
a personal escorted tour of the main area of the Museum, with time to look
on your own later if desired (it's an awesome place).
We should return to Edmonton for about 1700 hrs, change and go for dinner.
Allan and Karen Botting have been invited to join us for dinner and
overnight in Edmonton.  Because of the booking deposits/guarantees etc. at
the hotel,  and  the fact we  won't likely have a huge crowd, we feel it
would be more convenient to look at a good restaurant (there are many to
choose from in the immediate area  of the Delta Hotel ) where there is a
variety of selection for all.  This way we don't have to mess with advance
deposits and everyone can "pay as they go".   Pat will definitely book  a
quality, intimate spot where we can  tell lies and  have some space to
celebrate the evening together.
c.  Thursday, 16 Sep 10 - Departure Breakfast - in the Hotel.   No one has
suggested that they plan to stay on, unless folks are making private
arrangements.  Pat will have literature available on points of interest if
anyone is staying over.   Perhaps now is a good time to advise me or Pat of
intentions so we can get the data.
The bottom line : 
The Grahams have their tickets Halifax to Edmonton return.   From the
January list below there is a potential 31 people that have indicated an
interest in coming.   That's wonderful. For those who are looking for
airline deals now is the time to look for bookings.  Perhaps circumstances
have changed, so for our final arrangements would you please confirm  with
me ASAP or NLT the 15 May of your intentions to  make the trek to Punchbowl
18759 RV2010.
I would also like to know if you intend to drive as we should be able to
car pool from Edmonton to Wetaskiwin.