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Painting Presentation

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... with 18759 restored to her former glory!
Lloyd at the podium

   Lloyd Graham starts the affair by reminding us of the discovery of 18759 at the museum ten years ago, the accumulation of a log of flights made while it served in 416 squadron, and Joe Gulyes' generous commissioning of a painting of 18759 to be done by Mr Alan Botting.
   After Joe's death in 2008, in response to a "what should I do with it?" from Alan, Lloyd suggested it be donated to the Reynolds Museum, which prompted this reunion.

Mr Botting and Mr Justin Cuffe


Mr Justin Cuffe, the Reynolds Museum Curator, accepted the painting, which will be dedicated “In Memory of Joe Gulyes and in Honour of 416 Sqn”. Both the museum and the 416 survivors are indebted to Mr. Botting for his generosity.



Dan Gagnon, our last Commanding Officer,
... with Justin Cuffe looking on
talks about 416's great flying record - we never lost one!
416 Squadron with Joe's Gift
Standing: Gary, Ed, Alan Botting, Justin Cuffe, Pat, Andy, Bob, Dan, Arn
Kneeling: Trom, Ray, Lloyd, Denis
Dan presents a framed Squadron History to be ...
For your own copy please click here!
... displayed with the painting.

A sad end for one who served us so well
CF18759, in her Wetaskiwin Retirement Home

   After the presentation, and a tour of the exhibits - one of which was a Hall of Fame entry for Ron West - we went out into a drizzly day for a look at the hero of the occasion: CF-100 Mk. V 18759, looking lonely and abandoned, like a warrior with no more wars to fight.

Some old friends come to visit ...

Maybe today she doesn't feel quite so lonely!

    Bob, Ray, Gary, Ed, Denis, Trom, Andy, Dan, Pat, Lloyd, Arn