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Formal Dinner (and birthday!)

Once again, your web master has added appropriate (?) comments to some photos. "Mousing" the photos uncovers them; clicking the mouse uncovers a larger version of the photo.

You put names to everyone ...
No, Ed is NOT waiting table!
... it's been a long day!

Bob and Lloyd lead a singsong ...
 Don't you people know the ADC Song yet?
... with the ad hoc choir helping out.

Alan Botting receives honorary 416 membership ...
... with wife Karen at his side.

Pat takes Centre Stage ...
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers ..."
... and delivers words of wisdom.

Looking at this and the photo on the left,
 Maybe Ed is helping the well dressed guy!
I think everyone can be seen.

Mary-Lou and Lloyd prepare to gain weight ...
Note: the exact age is classified TOP SECRET!
... who watches the pounds with a cake that good?

Alan's Honorary Clunker Certificate


 So why are they looking the other way?
Arn, Trom, Mary and Ed are spellbound.


The photographs in this section are examples of Sharlein Haycock's expertise with the camera. Thanks for these treasured memories, Shar!

Edna and Pat

Denis and Agatha

 Is it OK if we plug our own web site?
Margaret and Bob

Gary and Una

Mary and Ed

Dan and partner Olga

Mary-Lou and Lloyd

Ray and Heather

Andy and Vivian

Comrades rather than a couple ...

Arn and Trom

... and finally, the photographer photographed!
Webmaster's slightly biased comment: "Wow!"
Sharleine, with Margaret