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Punchbowl West - Rendezvous East

Our beloved ex-Squadron CO, the late S/L Ron West, has his portrait hung in the  Greenwood Military Aviation Museum (GMAM), and a pestering of Lynx hold a celebratory reunion.

The formal portrait

PAINTING: The Art Association commissioned an ex-RCAF/CF pilot and noted aviation artist from Bridgewater, NS, Geoff Bennett, to do the painting. It measures 2'x3' framed, with a metal plaque on the back with the rank, name, Punchbowl Number of all the donors. The painting features a portrait of Ron about the time he won the AFC for his Canso rescue in Labrador. It also depicts his CF-100 involvement, and the crests of the two main units, 103 and 416 Squadrons. The painting has a narrative attached telling his story. The painting was presented to the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum (GMAM) on Thursday, 6 October 2005 and now forms an important part of the exhibits and history of the Base. You can see the museum exhibits and other paintings on the GMAM web site at http://gmam.ca

Standing L to R:  Gord, Bud, Dave, Dan, Pat, Jacques, Bob
Kneeling L to R:  Lloyd, Ray, Jake, Arnold 
Click here to enlarge image
Geoff Bennett's Magnificent CF-100
416 Squadron Reunion
"Punchbowl West – Rendez-Vous East"
4 to 7 October 2005 - Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Thirty-two 416 CF-100 members donated to the painting for Ron. Enough to pay for the painting, frame, descriptive plaque and donor plaque.  Thank you all very much for the interest and support. A DVD "documentary" was also produced and sent to all the Lynx who contributed.
The following folks attended the Reunion:
Lloyd & Mary-Lou Graham, Kingston, NS     
Pat & Edna Ledgerwood, Edmonton, AB
Jake & Sharleine Haycock, Mississauga, ON
Jacques & Lise Turcotte, Montréal, QC
Arnold & Joan Dagenais, Montréal, QC
Ray & Elsie Griffiths, Comox, BC
Bud Taggart, Oakville, ON
Dan Gagnon, Kanata, ON
Gord & Carla Paler, Ladysmith, BC
Bob Eley, Campbellford, ON
Dave Lennox, Ottawa, ON
Betty  West, Brockville, ON
Kathleen West, New York, USA (Betty's daughter)
Allen Kowsloski, New York, USA (Betty's son-in-law)
Greg West, Oregon, USA (Betty's son)
Joyce Fry, Dartmouth, NS (Ron's sister)
Carolyn Fry, Falmouth, NS (Betty's daughter-in-law)
The Greenwood Art Association did an outstanding research job for the write-up to match the painting. The artist, Geoff Bennett, did a superb job, and the Museum Staff, Volunteers and Base personnel enthusiastically unveiled and accepted this tribute to Ron. The 413 SAR Squadron provided an OPI to arrange and coordinate a Base briefing and visit for "The Veteran Flyers & Spouses" to the "Ops" site.