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Latest news, site changes or additions

While the webmaster will put latest changes to the site in here, any real social news will, we hope, come from you guys.

20st Nov 2018

In Memoriam entries for Bill Bland and Al Wardstrom have been added and the Honour Role updated.

1st Nov 2018

An In Memoriam entry for Brian McKay has been added and the Honour Role updated.

9th Apr 2018

The In Memoriam entry for Norman Smith has been updated with a bio submitted by his family.

27th May 2017

An In Memoriam entry for Robert "Bob" Eley has been added and the Honour Role updated.

Please note that Bob was the current web master for this website and the update has been done by his son, Brian. Bob's estate is willing to maintain and pay for the continued hosting of the site (about $6/mth) for a period of one year. If there is anyone out there (surviving Lynx Squadron member or other interested party) who is willing to take over as web master, please contact Brian (eleybri26@yahoo.ca). If no one is able to take over, then as per Bob's instructions, the website will, sadly, be shut down at the end of the one year period. Thank you
8th January 2017
                  A belated In Memoriam entry for Danny Gagnon
                  has been added.
8th August 2016
                  Update to Chatham Reunion page,                      
                   including links to some archive photos.
                  Also a mini-reunion documenting Punchbowl 2's
26th June 2016
                  An update to the Chatham Reunion page.
                  A rebuild of the CrewPics page.
30th March 2016
                  A newly found photo has been added to 18759's page.
6th March 2016
                   Jacques Turcotte's Memoriam entry has been expanded. 
30th January 2016
                  Memoriam entries have been added for Arn Dagenais and Ron Meek.
6th January 2016
                  A "Chatham Reunion" page has been added to keep a list 
                  of folks' intentions regarding the July reunion. Please let
                  Bob E. know what you decide, so we can all know who's going!    
22nd March 2015
                  An In Memoriam entry for Andy Hartman has been added.
28th May 2014
                  An In Memoriam entry for John Dardier has been added. 
25th April 2014
                  An In Memoriam entry for Rex Fulcher has been added.
 3rd April 2014
                  An In Memoriam entry for Gord Paler has been added.
29th January 2014
                 An In Memoriam entry for Jacques Turcotte has been added.
 29th December 2013
                An historic photo received in a Christmas message finds its way
                 into the Scrapbook. Who is that masked man?
 12th December 2013
               An In Memoriam entry for Ron Egli has been added.
 4th November 2013
               Mini Reunions, anyone? While mulling over the chances of another
               major get together, Bob G. and I thought maybe we could
               compromise by documenting informal meetings of old comrades.
               Hence a new site page: MiniReunions. We've started the ball
               rolling, and hope others will join in. How about it?
7th October 2013
                 The passing of Stubby Holmes on September 26, and Pete
                 Cumberbirch sometime this summer, has been
                  recorded in our Honour Roll and Memoriam pages.
28th August 2013
                Laurie Bastie's Memoriam entry has added details.
 30th March 2013  Our MEMORIALS Page is Expanded!
                Near the top of the Memorials page is a request for more 
                information about our departed comrades. Well, out
                of a clear blue sky, Pete DeSmedt has supplied a host
                of memories. In addition, he supplied a delightful "war story" 
                for our Scrapbook. 
                You can find that at http://lynxsquadron.tripod.com/id141.html
                Please, if YOU can fill any more gaps, or have any great
                stories, do let Bob know.
10th March 2013
                 An In Memoriam entry has been added for recently departed 
                 Taffy Evans.
8th December 2012
                Ron Egli's video is online!
                Yes, I'm sure you've all seen this great piece of nostalgia,
                but it's now been added to our Scrapbook Page. You can
                get there directly by going to

13 September 2012
           Sad news as another old comrade passes away. Please
           see the Memorials Page entry for Clarence Atter.  
11 September 2012
           Thanks to Len Sturch, we're now able to include a new 
           page celebrating the 1998 AWFA Reunion in Winnipeg.
           Don your nostalgia hat and look at some great photos! 
  6 October 2011 
         Hot off the press (a bit late actually) comes more
         celebratory news - Ed and Mary hit their 50th. It's all
         on the Scrapbook Page!
 2 October 2011
        It's always nice when I can put some friendly event
        in our Scrapbook Page, this one being the visit of some 
        fellow Lynxes to "Chez Trom". Too bad I don't get to
        add more occasions like this .... HINT, HINT!
10 June 2011
       Barrie Mootham's passing on 23rd May is recorded in our
       Honour and Memorial pages.
30 January 2011
       "Sparks in the Night Sky" is the title of a soon to be published
       book about CF-100  and CF-101 EW missions. The Klunk crew
       in the story is Doug Fitzpatrick/Bill Bland, the Voodoo pair
       are Gene Lukan/Ronald "Tiny" McDonald. You can read more
       at www.sparksinthenightsky.com.
16 January 2011
       In response to concerns about public access to sensitive
       information, the Annual Newsletter is being removed from
       the site. Sharleine will continue to distribute it via private 
1  January  2011
      Sharleine (and lots of you) have laboured, and the harvest
      is the Annual Newsletter for 2010!
12 December 2010
     Thanks to ex-419 Squadron's Harry Kelly, more details of
     Willie Milne's life have been added to his Honour Role and
     Memoriam entries. 
2 November 2010
      Thanks to some out-of-the-blue input from South Africa,
      a little more of Clive Loubser's life has been added to his
      Memoriam entry.
21 October 2010
      A link to the frameable squadron history presented to Allan
      Botting in Edmonton has been added to the Home page.
20 October 2010
      The Edmonton reunion pages are finished, and may be
      viewed under RV2010. There are six new pages, with
      links to an excellent selection of photographs. My
      thanks to everyone who contributed, and apologies if your
      favourite wasn't used! 

14 October 2010.
      Tex is now in our Memorials page, also the entry for Serge
      Alain has been expanded with new information. The site
      face lift is complete; work continues on the Edmonton
      Reunion pages.
11 October 2010.
      Dave "Tex" McCheyne passed on yesterday. Our Honour Roll
      has been changed, and an entry for Dave on the Memorials
     page will be added soon. 
     Work on the Edmonton Reunion pages is continuing, as is the
     site "face lift". 
6 October 2010.
      An Obituary for Bill Cole, who left us in mid-September,
      has been added to the Memorials page.
16 March 2010. An entry for Lorne "Sparky" Sparks has been added to the Memorial page.
31 December 2009. We celebrate New Year's Eve by adding Sharleine's great annual news roundup to the site. Thanks to all who contributed!
16 October 2009. A page of remembrance has been added for Jake. We hope it keeps his memory alive.
15th September 2009. After a triumphant golfing victory came the tragic news of Jake's passing. Please read his entry in Memorials.  
30th August 2009. One minor change to the June story about Joe G's gift; and the latest golfing news: the results of the 2009 Punchbowl Open Golf Tournament.
3rd June, 2009: We learn about Joe Gulyes' posthumous gift. Please go to Joe's Memorial entry for a link to this story. 
26th May 2009: Lloyd (Graham, who else?) was recently invested as honorary colonel of 404 Sqdn. You can link to the story from Scrapbook.
7th April 2009: We've jazzed up the Scrapbook page, and added a new entry containing some old news items from Claude's site - you'll find it under "Antiques"!  A few more Candid Camera shots are also viewable. 
18th Mar 2009: Pics added to AWFA Niagara, and Dave's extensive research is now part of the 1957-59 squadron years.  
7th Mar 2009: Apart from ongoing maintenance tweeks, the big changes are -
1. A reorganised MEMORIAM page, with an alphabetised entry for each of the fallen. As we get more info on people, so we'll expand the entries.  
2. The expansion of the ScrapBook, thanks in large part to Trom, who's been sending in selections from his amazing collection. One of the St.Bruno Applejack parties is in place, and Lloyd's wedding will soon again see the cyber-light of day!
3. While we're giving out thanks, another to Lloyd G., who also contributed beaucoup photos. 
24th Feb 2009: A Red Letter Day - all the pages originally planned for the new site - and a few more creatively added - are now complete! Last arrivals are The Punchbowl Open Golf story, our showing at the AWFA '07 Reunion at the Falls, and a Squadron Scrapbook (which will be expanded with more pics from Claude's site). From here on, we're in maintenance mode - which means the site is for YOU to explore and contribute to. Enjoy! 
12th Feb 2009: Yet another era in squadron history - the 1959-61 years - is now online. Soon to make an appearance are more AWFA reunions, and - wait for it! - GOLF!
Once this is done, we'll be in maintenance mode, ready to add, alter, etc as the occasion demands. At that point Claude's old site will be removed, so if you want anything from his pages, start stealing it now.
10th Feb 2009: Crew Photos have been updated; 57-58Era, the first of Dave's Squadron History through the years pages, has been added, also AWFA01, the 2001 AWFA get together in Ottawa. 
4th Feb 2009:   Two new pages have been installed.
       1. Bob G's nostalgia-dripping page of crew photos -
           see CrewPics.
       2. Bill Cole's collection of grainy black and whites - see BCole.
We've also cleaned up the Site Map and sorted the Link Bar at the top of each page.
30th Jan 2009: Jake and Sharleine Haycock's annual newsletter has been added to the site, shortcut to it is JakesNews. I've also added a Date-last-updated flag to the "front page".
19th Jan 2009: The Memorial page has been pretty much updated, with hopes that no more will need to be done in 2009. Dave L. has finished his Flight Line page - great work. And Claude Montour's brilliant pilot's diary is now on the new site. Bob G. is labouring (creatively) on the crew photos page.
15th Nov 2008: An entry for Joe G. has been added to Memorial. ENtries for Ron West, Smoky Drake, Ken Stubbings, Claude M. and others long overdue will gradually be added.