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The 1959 - 1961 Era

photo credits (work in progress):
 [DJL] = David Lennox;  [BE] = Bob Eley;
[LG] = Lloyd Graham; [LS] = Len Sturch
[RCAF] = official picture;  no credit = unknown

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416 AW(F) Squadron - Saint-Hubert, Québec

October 1959 [RCAF photo]


From left to right, STANDING (Pilots):

F/O Jake Haycock - F/O Dave Purich - F/O Gary Garnier - F/O Russ Murrell - F/O Lorne Sparks - F/O Ian Graham - F/O Pat Ledgerwood - F/O Bill Ferguson - F/O Roland "Trom" Tremblay - F/O Clive Loubser* - F/O Stubby Holmes - F/O Ray Amey - F/L Neil Caddey - S/L Ron B. West - F/O John Dardier -

F/O R.R. Robinson - F/O Jean Lemay - F/O Eugene "Chalky" Leblanc - F/O Bill Morris - F/O Vern Matheuszik - F/O Laurie Woollett - F/O "Taffy" Evans - F/O Gord Paler - F/O Pete Growen


From left to right, KNEELING (Navigators):

F/O Dave Lennox - F/O Bill Jewett - F/O Ray Lovegrove - F/O Al Wardstrom - F/O Bob Eley - F/O Bob Carter - F/O Lloyd Graham - F/O Bob Gillet -

F/O Dave McCheyne - F/O Jacques Turcotte - F/O "Nick" Carter - F/O Ron Meek - F/O Lyle Hall - F/O Ray Griffiths - F/O John Allison - F/O Clancy Atter - F/O Ron Egli - F/O Art Uyeno - F/O Bob Bolton - F/O Denis Rogers - F/O Len Sturch - F/O Dan Gagnier - F/O Bob Wanless - F/O Duncan  MacDonald -

F/O Pete Donnelly - F/O Jess Eisler


Not in picture:

F/O David Crocker - F/O Ron Ehrne




Ed:  425 AW(F) Sqn was stood down late Spring 1961.  A number of their sqn personnel were transferred to 416 AW(F) for the final few months of CF100 life at RCAF Stn St Hubert.  The final 416 AW(F) Sqn photo following reflects this.

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The final squadron shot

416 AW(F) Squadron - Saint-Hubert, Québec

July 1961 [RCAF photo]


From left to right, STANDING:

F/O Jake Haycock - F/O Dan Haines - F/O Tom Connolly - F/O Laurie Woollett - F/O Harry Osborne - F/O JA Morin - F/O John Follows - F/O Tom Bogle - F/O Emrys ‘Taffy’ Evans - F/O JJ Dessureault- F/O G Crowhurst - F/O Fred Woodhouse - F/O Bob Eley - F/L Roger Smith - F/O Ed Goski - F/O Dave Purich - F/O Gord Paler - F/O Andy Horoshko (now Hartford) - F/O Russ Murrell - F/L EMW Robinson - F/L Karl Robinson - F/O Ron Meek - F/O Pat Gillette -

F/L John Dardier - F/O John Allison - F/L JT Richards - F/O Pete Growen - F/L Dave Broadbent - F/O Ian Graham - F/O GW Hosang - F/L Frank Neshine - F/O Bill Jewett - S/L Dan Gagnon


From left to right, KNEELING:

F/L Pat Ledgerwood - F/O Bud Taggart - F/O Laurie Bastie - F/O Len Box - F/O G Hilgenberg - F/O Peter Donnelly - F/O AE Lane - F/O Roy Lefebvre - F/O Gary Garnier - F/O Jess Eisler - F/O David Lennox - F/O JA Provencher



The Couth Squad
Taffy Evans; Bill Morris; Robbie Robinson; Ray Griffith

Bill Morris; John Allison; Jacques Turcotte;
Choir Practice - we weren't just drinkers!
Russ Murrell; Ed Goski; EMW Robinson; Dan Gagnier; Taffy Evans; Denis Rogers

Car Rally Winner
guess who did all the work?
S/L Gagnon & Jake Haycock [DJL]

former RAF Maritime type knows what he is doing
Bob Eley surviving dinghy drill [DJL]

Bangor Bound
three different guys; three different hats
Lloyd Graham; Jake Haycock; David Lennox [LG]

Farewell to G/C Bert Houle Skit (a Bob Gillet production) [DJL]

The Cast
Pat Gillette;Bud Taggart;John Dardier;David Blamire;Mal Roby;Jay Downard;EMW Robinson; Bob Carter

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Final Salute [DJL]

Alert - Pilots vs Navs in Line Bridge
Pilots Gary Garnier and .....................

S/L Gagnon; G/C Houle

Woody Sherwood; Mac Kinsey

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Lynx Christmas Singalong for CBC - 1960

 ... such stuff as dreams are made on

Scary Chatham Detachment Halloween Monsters
a different kind of flying
Robbie Robinson; Taffy Evans; Duncan McDonald

Mugout circa 1960
"we had a jolly good time"
Bob Bolton; Chalky Leblanc; Bill Ferguson; Ron Ehrne; Bob Carter; Bob Gillet; Lyle Hall; John Lemay

A really big beer!
Denis likes his beer!
Denis Rogers; Laurie Woollett; Barry Mootham; Ron Ehrne

a future web-page co-editer
Bob Gillet watching St Hu Airshow [DJL]

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it's the wrong a/c, guys!
Canadair Visit (with 1st RCAF Yukon)

                                  Clancy Atter; Ray Griffith
                                  Andy Horoshko (Hartford)
                         Ron Egli; Bob Wanless; Jess Eisler;
     S/L Gagnon; Lloyd Graham; Taffy Evans; Robbie Robinson;
     Dan Gagnier; Duncan McDonald; Vern Matheuszik; David Crocker;
     Chalky Leblanc; Peter Growen; Len Sturch; S/L West; Laurie Woollett;
     Mac Kinsey; Bill Morris  [LS]

G/C Bert Houle [DJL]

Anxiously awaiting the "Scramble"
what more can one say!
EMW Robinson; John Follows

click to enlarge Nav Ray Lovegrove's smile
photographer  was dummy - as usual!
........ David Purich are so screwed (see above) [BE]

Horses - "Giddyup!" Tex McCheyne; Bill Jewett; Bill Ferguson

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Trom's cap is now exhibited in the ROM
Our wives would be proud! No names, no pack-drill!

CBC Christmas Singalong Dec 1960:
David Blamire; Gord Paler; Taffy Evans; EMW Robinson;
Tex McCheyne, John Allison; Peter Growen; David Lennox;
Ed Goski; Barry Mootham; Jess Eisler; Andy Horoshko;
Lloyd Graham [RCAF]

Chatham Detachment (Checkerboard II)
looks like a WWII photo

Back:  Gary Garnier; Bob Eley; Lorne Sparks; Tex McCheyne;
Trom Tremblay; Nick Carter; Karl Robinson;
Kneeling:  Ray Lovegrove; John Follows; David Purich;
Jake Haycock

Answer: "4-16"! [DJL]

Mixed-up Lynx [DJL]

Post Disbandment Party - Dec 1961
at Bob Eley's Ville LeMoyne apartment
That was it! Until the CF100 retirement bash in 1981!
Standing: Lloyd Graham; Bob Eley; Jake Haycock; Andy Horoshko; Ed Goski; David Lennox.
Being loyally supported: Trom Tremblay

F86 Sabre Liberators
it was taken on an AW night

Standing:  Ian Graham; EMW Robinson; David Purich; Andy Horoshko;
Laurie Woollett; Bob Wanless; Ray Lovegrove; Ron Egli;
Kneeling:  David Lennox; Bud Taggart

it happened to a lot of us!
Disbandment Posting Notice [DJL]