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Punchbowl Open Rules of Play

As submitted by Ron and Leslie Egli, 14 March 2004


There is no doubt that the object of this gathering is (to quote Ron West one more time) to "stir our noses in a bucket of suds and tell some lies". However, it was felt that - in view of the fact that Ed Goski has produced such a very fine trophy - some rules should be enforced to ensure that the winner of the trophy is indeed deserving of the honour. This has been reinforced to some degree by stories that have been circulating concerning the outcome of the first Open and the alleged use of erasers (though we hasten to add we have found no EMD's as yet). There is also a need to ease up a bit on the rules to make play more enjoyable for those who are beginners and/or don't live on the course; hopefully this will also level the playing field a tad so more folks get a shot at the prize.
These rules are put forward at this early date with the full understanding that no self-respecting AWF Aircrew will pass up the chance to question, quibble and offer amendments. The latter are most welcome and will be given the attention they deserve by a select committee quaffing red wine. (A point to remember in the scoring tent).

Play shall be IAW, the rules of the CGA, except that:

            ALL Penalties Shall Be ONE (1) Stroke Only

1.        Preferred lies shall apply i.e. a ball lying on the fairway may be lifted, cleaned and replaced within 1 club length and no nearer the hole.

2.        A ball lying off the fairway may be returned to the fairway within 2 club lengths of the nearest edge and not nearer the hole. Penalty: 1 Stroke.

3.        Lost Ball. Penalty: 1 Stroke. A ball shall be placed on the fairway within 2 club lengths of the edge closest to the point where the ball left the fairway and no nearer the hole.

4.       Out of Bounds. Penalty: 1 Stroke. A ball shall be placed on the fairway within 2 club lengths of the edge nearest the point where the ball went out-of-bounds.

5.       Putts: Gimme's should be used with discretion so that all play the same game. 18 inches is about right... but we don't want to interfere in grudge matches.

6.     Those players familiar with the rules of golf governing such niceties as improving lie and/or stance and grounding of club in a hazard are expected to respect those rules and score themselves accordingly but not to use that knowledge to harrass and/or intimidate nor to increase the declared scores of those players who have not wasted their lives in pursuit of the white pellet.

7.      Those players more proficient at FLOG are urged to partake generously of the malt and spirit libations so that the playing field may be leveled to some degree. However, this is in no way intended to discourage those less skilled from similarly quaffing the beverage of their choice in order to sharpen their skills, daring and cunning and to improve their attitude and  polish their vocabulary.  

THE WINNER shall be determined by Ed and Ron after due consideration of the stories represented on the score cards.

Any complaints shall be directed to the Complaints Committee consisting of Ron and Ed. Such complaints can only be considered after receipt by the Committee of suitable liquid prompting. Liquid bribes are appropriate at all times but shall have no discernable effects on the results of the Tournament.

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