AWFA Reunion 2003 Calgary BAAKUP

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Calgary was a great get together - from the first donning of our white Stetsons, through the thrills of a rodeo (the first for many of us), to a magnificent formal dinner dance. Once again, a big 416 "Thanks Pardners!" to our AWFA comrades who laboured long and hard to make it happen.
Note: most pictures that your mouse points at can be clicked for a closer look.

"Yippee ky yeh ...
Apologies to Bruce Willis
... Mother F***er!"

xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Agatha Rogers, Pat Ledgerwood
The Gang's All Here!
Al Wardstrom, Lloyd Graham, Ed Goski, Trom Tremblay

A formal "Meet and Greet' always heralds the opening of these reunions. 416, of course, has a slightly more relaxed version in a convenient hotel room ...... 

xxxxxxxxxxxx, Agatha, Pat
Trem makes an important point!
Trom, Lloyd, Ed

Al, xxxxxxxxxxx, Agatha, Pat, Lloyd

Lorne "Sparky" Sparks and Leslie

Next day, it was more "Yippy Ki Yeh" (without the expletive!) - this time, a real live rodeo party ...

Enough with the "Yippee Ky Yeh" already ...
Where's the idiot who told me horses were docile?!
... let's saddle up some suds!

A deleted scene from "Red River"?

Seated: Ed Goski (aka Walter Brennan), Bob Eley, Jake Haycock, Frank Neshine, Trom Tremblay, Pat Ledgerwood. In background: Robbie Robinson, Dennis Rogers. 

Ed, Bob, Jake, Frank. Dennis in background.


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