416 Squadron Song Book

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 The songs indexed below (excepting "We'll Meet Again") were written by 416's Poet Laureate, Bob Gillet. They were performed in a number of Bob's staged shows, and at Mess Bars all over Air Defence Command.
The "Reunion Songs", rife with nostalgia, will take you back to the late Fifties, early Sixties.  They were written by Bob about eight years ago.  The last song, "We Were There", is a heartwarming little barnburner.  
Below the index you'll find a tribute to Bob, written by one of his closest friends. It's worth reading, and will bring a few chuckles to those of you who remember his effervescent spirit! 
Bob (Age 20) in his BOQ room where he blared his music and penned his lyrics.

THE ADC SONG MkI, lyrics by Bob Gillet

THE ADC SONG Mk II, lyrics by Bob Gillet

 LYNX, LYNX, LYNX, lyrics by Bob Gillet

IT'S SECURITY, lyrics by Bob Gillet

MY FLUSH-RIVETED CANUCK, lyrics by Bob Gillet

THE DIEFENBAKER SONG, lyrics by Bob Gillet

THE GEORGE PEARKES SONG, lyrics by Bob Gillet 

WILLIE'S EMPIRE, lyrics by Bob Gillet

TRIBUTE TO RON WEST, lyrics by Bob Gillet

DISBANDMENT SONG, lyrics by Bob Gillet

REUNION SONGS, lyrics by Bob Gillet

 WE'LL MEET AGAIN, (be patient as it loads)



After 35 years and eight squadron flying tours, I still consider the first one with 416 Squadron to be the best, albeit the shortest. It was a combination of the right time, the right place and the right people. Flying, fellowship and fun were the daily routine. Many of the events of this era are indelibly etched on my memory, due in part to my good friend, Bob Gillet, who fortunately had the talent and stamina to put it down in verse. He was my next door neighbour in barracks from November 1959 to my posting to Maritime Command in August 1961.

During that time I do not remember getting much rest. In fact I still don't understand how it was possible to pack so much activity into such a short period of time, much of it in cahoots with Gillet.

Although he's a year younger, our birthdays are on the same day. As navs, we both revelled in the high and low-level excitement offered by the Clunk, Drama Club, Back Bar and Montréal.

It was difficult not to get involved when Robert was struck by a spiritual urge to explain some aspect of our military life in a poem, song or skit. His ability to capture the essence of the moment in the lyrics of a song is legendary. Who doesn't know the ADC Song? When inspiration struck, generally about 2 a.m., his 200 watt speakers would rattle my blue Bromo-Seltzer bottle in the medicine chest. Lil Abner, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Can Can - you name it, he played them, over and over and ... His experiments in subliminal teaching did work and are reflected in the songs he produced, and which I've tried to capture from my notes and memory for this special occasion.

Unfortunately Bob couldn't make Operation "Punchbowl" 93, but his enthusiasm, motivation and spirit are alive and well in the legacy of lyrics he produced during our CF-100 Era on 416 Squadron, some 33 years ago.

As Squadron members we were indeed favoured to have had a dynamic and talented leader such as Bob on our team. I know this LYNX SONG BOOK will rekindle memories of the "Good 'Ole Days". Thank you, Bob, from all of us.

Your friend,

Lloyd Graham. Maj (R)

September 17, 1993