Willie's Empire

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Lyrics by Bob Gillet - (tune - Kansas City)

Everything's up to date in Willie's Empire

We're going about as far as we can go

Regardless of position or your varied rate in pay

We're going to dig your Section in our own and humble way

So don't be meek, put tongue in cheek, there'll be a brighter day

Tonight we'll duck your glasses high and low

'Cause we're going about as far as we can go, go, go, go.


Everything's on the shelf in Willie's Empire

I started off my morning in supply

My flying suit was worn and torn, the knees and elbows sheer

"I'd like a new suit that would fit", I whispered in his ear

The suit he gave me was the one that I gave him last year

I'm telling you in case you did not know

They'll go about as far as they can go, go, go, go.


Everything's tickety-boo in Willie's Empire

Accounts will make you wonder at the way

They compound up collatoral, substract the residue

Don't worry 'bout the principle that should belong to you

Or just the same they'll lose your claim and while you're turning blue

You're wondering why your bank account is low

'Cause they'll go about as far as they can go, go, go, go.


Everything's lickety-split in Willie's Empire

Some brass arrived and asked me for a car

I called M E and told them, I'd pay the gas and rent 'er

Just one staff car would fill the bill, but this was my tormentor

The Groupie's wife had the last staff car at the Dorval Shopping Center

The more we reap the more we're gonna sow

'Cause they'll go about as far as they can go, go, go, go.


Everything's rat-a-tat-tat in Willie's Empire

At Ground Defence we're learning more and more

Don Winchester has told me, that some unsuspecting day

A mushroom cloud will fill the sky and blow us all away

Just wear your black dosimeter and everything's OK

They read from it how long you've got to go

A radiation death is very slow, slow, slow, slow.


Everything's spunkity-dunk in Willie's Empire

They're making rockets faster than before

The daily M and W charge case has come to call

It seems an airman knocked back four and twenty beers in all

Knocked back the beers, that ain't so queer, but then knocked up some doll

And to her father said the S Arm 0

"I wouldn't do a thing like that you know, know, know, know".


Everything's upside down in Willie's Empire

CE is getting better than before

Last year they planted several trees to make the station clean

But every tree was upside down it even shocked the Queen

This year they've smartened up and painted all the tree roots green

It's things like this that make the station grow

'Cause they'll go about as far as they can go, go, go, go.


Everything's flying around in Willie's Empire

Each Sunday 438 puts on a show

The Air Force bought them Otters so they'd earn their flying pay

But they still fly the Expeditor every Saturday

They need the multi-engine time to fly with TCA

Whose traffic blocks our circuit high and low

Because of them we've nowhere left to go, go, go. go.


Everything's jammed up tight in Fowler's Empire

Each Monday Jubilation leads the way

Jamming up the airspace is a game he likes to play

His famous understatement "I have nothing more to say"

But then he rambles on and on till five o'clock Friday

And that's the reason why they're gonna grow

'Cause they'll go about as far as they can go, go, go, go.


Everything's crawling around in Willie's Empire

Upon my plate a cockroach did reside

He told me I was misinformed 'cause none of them could die

That stimulant you sprayed around just made us multiply

He then remarked his friends could recommend the apple pie

I took my spoon a dealt a mighty blow

The best exterminator that I know, know, know, know.


Everything's overweight in Willie's Empire

And every extra pound has got to go

And here's a way that we all feel will even fool the pros

The first time you get on the scale put lead inside your toes

The second's worse, impress the nurse, get weighed without your clothes

These words were spoken by the SMO

With nerves like that my boy you're free to go, go, go, go.


Everything's costing more in Willie's Empire

I'm speaking of those girls in Montréal

Last night I took another trip across the bridge to see

My Diners Club admission now excludes the Chez Paree

Because you know that girly show has one they call Marie

She'll go about as far as she can go

But wouldn't you know I didn't have the dough, dough, dough, dough.


Now this fair Station's policies might shock you

But our's is not the place to reason why

Old St. Hubert is great, it is a real big go-getter

In Canada or overseas, you'll not find any better

S-T-H-U-B-E-R-T spells victory to the letter

And just in case you really want to know

We've gone about as far as we can go.