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AWFA Reunion 2007 Niagara Falls

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Like Calgary in '05, This reunion again saw a great turnout of Lynxes, and since 416's Irving Berlin - Bob Gillet - was one of them, a lot of nostalgia-dripping songs added to the occasion! Once again, a big 416 "Thank You!" to the AWFA committee and their hard work.
Note: many pictures that your mouse points at can be clicked for a closer look.

"Meet and Greet at the
Club Italia Banquet Hall!"
Given the number of 416ers attending, our informal version was probably more populated then the "real" one. OK, I'm exaggerating a little - poetic licence, anyone? - but we were a mighty host!

Ed Goski and Trom enter the Club Italia
L to R: Helen and Dave McCheyne, Trom Tremblay,
Getting in the mood!
Mary-Lou and Lloyd Graham, Jake Haycock
L-R: Mary & Ed Goski, Mary-Lou, Trom, Bob Gillet,

Helen and Dave McCheyne

L-R: Helen McCheyne, Dan Gagnon, Sharleine Haycock, Trom
"Can we talk Bob G into producing the show?"
Bob Eley, Lloyd Graham
A chorus of "Hey, Look us Over!" anyone?
Lloyd and Bob Gillet
Cummon Ed, YOU birdied the Sixth at GlenEagles?!
Ed Goski and Jake Haycock discussing golf

Bud Taggart, Edna Ledgerwood, Margaret Eley

Helen, Evelyn Taggart (hidden), Mary-Lou, Pat Ledgerwood
Aren't the old songs the best anyway?
"This ADC's a Funny Life ..."
Dave M, Bob Gillet, Bob Eley, Lloyd G give their all!
Who says you can't be happy in the Maritimes?

Mary-Lou and Lloyd

Next day was spent on various Niagara-related activities: exploring the Caves, riding the Maid of the Mist, touring several Wineries (a popular choice!) and visiting the House of Butterflies, which - to the writer's disappointment - contained ... butterflies!
Here are a few paparazzi-style pics ...

At one of the Niagara Wineries

I don't care how much she cost ... bet it can't outfly the Clunk!

The pilot gets that great seat up front?
Bob Eley sounds off - also typical!
... while the Nav has to squeeze in here? Typical!

This is what we came for!

Dan Gagnon, Bob Eley sample the final product
The Dinner Dance
Not as formal as the Calgary event, just a "come as you like, wear comfortable, have fun!" affair. So we did!
 And our beloved Lynx still proudly flies
"Still crazy after all these years!"
L-R: Dave (Tex) McCheyne, Trom Tremblay, Bud Taggart, Ed Goski, Jake Haycock, Dan Gagnon (our last C.O.), Pat Ledgerwood, Bob Eley, Lloyd Graham, Bob Gillet
Let's not forget the Ladies!
L-R: Helen McCheyne, Edna Ledgerwood, Sharleine Haycock, Mary Goski, Mary-Lou Graham, Evelyn Taggart, Margaret Eley
Jake and Sharleine Haycock

Ed Goski, Pat Ledgerwood
That's Trom in the background
Pat and Edna Ledgerwood

Bob and Margaret Eley

Bud and Evelyn Taggart

Helen, Dave, Trom

Bob Gillet, Trom Tremblay

Background: Margaret, Jake, Bud, Evelyn
Foreground: Bob, Edna, Pat, Mary-Lou, and the FLAG!

Evelyn, Lloyd, Mary-Lou, Pat


And so a joyful reunion ends.

At the time this page was created - February 2009 - the survival of the AWFA, and certainly the likelihood of another AWFA reunion in the foreseeable future, seemed in doubt.
This web site is intended to keep the memories of our CF-100 days and old (getting older!) comrades alive, but it would seem that we will have to organise future reunions for ourselves. 
Just a thought to leave you with.