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Punchbowl Open Golf Tournament


 (Designed and created by Ed Goski)
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I'm up for grabs.

Wash hands before handling.

                     Punchbowl Open
                                   August 2009
                        Glacier Greens Golf Course

Meet new people...pick up the wrong golf ball!
                  THE PLAYERSEd Goski, Jake Haycock, Ron Egli, Al Wardstrom
                                                      and Pat Ledgerwood.
Driving's easy...hate those 3-footers for par!
                                            FIRST TEE SHOT: Al Wardstrom
Men with great legs play great golf!
                                                          Pat Ledgerwood
Flushed that sucker...notify the engraver!
                                                           Jake Haycock
Hit two good balls all day...stepped on a rake!
                                 THE 19TH. HOLE: Jake, Ron, Al, Pat and Ed.
Sorry guys...the hardware goes back east!
                                                           Jake Haycock
                                            The "WINNER" 2009
                             All names on 2009 nameplate, as Jake requested.

Punchbowl Open
August 2008
Glacier Greens Golf Course

Wasn't fair to fart at the top of Ron's backswing!
THE PLAYERS: Jake Haycock, Ron Egli, Al Wardstrom, Dave McCheyne, Ed Goski and Pat Ledgerwood.
Perfect course...no candy-ass dress code!
                                READY TO PLAY: Ed, Jake, Al, Pat and Dave
Best six hour round I've ever played.
                                          Pat, Ron, Al, Ed, Dave and Jake
Like, who needs a green jacket?
                                                          Pat Ledgerwood
                                                      The "WINNER" 2008
Punchbowl Open
13/14 July 2005
Kamloops Golf & Country Club
 I'm ready to go-just regripped my ball retriever.
THE PLAYERS: Back Row (L to R): Jake Haycock, Frank Neshine, Pat Ledgerwood, Russ Murrell, Ed Goski, Denis Rogers, Ron Egli andTex McCheyne.
Front Row (L to R): Ron Meek, Al Wardstrom and Trom Tremblay.
"The SOB Airline lost my golf clubs"
                           Russ Murrell, Al Wardstrom and Ron Egli                                      
I'll never drown-can't keep my head down that long
                   Frank Neshine, Ed Goski, Pat Ledgerwood and Trom Tremblay
My game's better-miss the ball much closer now.
                      Tex McCheyne, Denis Rogers, Jake Haycock and Ron Meek
I'm buyin' Trom!
                                           Trom Tremblay and Al Wardstrom

Ron Meek, Pat Ledgerwood, Al Wardstrom, Trom Tremblay (The Winner) and Frank Neshine
("And gentlemen in England now abed, Shall think themselves accursed they were not here ... ") 
   Pat Ledgerwood, Trom Tremblay and Frank Neshine
("I'd like to thank the sponsors, the tournament committee, the greenskeeper, the beer cart girl.......")
This drink smells like ...Victory!
                                                           Trom Tremblay
                                                      The "WINNER" 2005

Punchbowl Open
15/16 September 2004

Hope you brought your rain gear!
THE PLAYERS: (Back Row): Al Wardstrom, Ed Goski.  (Front Row): Taffy Evans, Pat Ledgerwood, Ron Egli, Trom Tremblay, Jake Haycock, Denis Rogers and Robbie Robinson.
THE PLAYERS WIVES AND AGENTS: Edna Ledgerwood, Sharleine Haycock, Leslie Egli, Mary Goski, Agatha Rogers and Joyce Murrell.
I'm getting more distance off my shank.
                               Pat Ledgerwood, Denis Rogers, Trom Tremblay
And to think I used to fly with this guy.
                         Robbie Robinson, Ron Egli, Ed Goski, Sharleine Haycock
Trom Tremblay, Denis Rogers, Taffy Evans, Robbie Robinson
(A man's home is his castle...and he should go there right after golf)
I've been practicing lining up my fourth putt.
                                      Ed Goski, Taffy Evans, Pat Ledgerwood
                          Edna Ledgerwood, Agatha Rogers, Sharleine Haycock
Ed just told me the fix is in.
                                   Mary Goski, Jake Haycock, Trom Tremblay
It's your turn to wash up Jake.
                                                   Jake Haycock, Leslie Egli
It never rains on the golf course...yeah, right!
Apres Golf: (Back Row): Al Wardstrom, Denis Rogers and Ed Goski. (Front Row): Pat Ledgerwood, Trom Tremblay, Taffy Evans, Ron Egli, Jake Haycock and Robbie Robinson. 
(Unfortunately, no 2004 winner declared...second day rained out.)


Punchbowl Open
6 to 9 Aug. 2002
Glacier Greens Golf Course

I had 6 pars, 10 bogeys and 2 Kiwis.
           THE PLAYERS: Ed Goski, Taffy Evans, Jake Haycock and Al Wardstrom
Just don't get too close to me!
                                          10TH. HOLE: Taffy, Al, Jake and Ed
Beer helps me relax hitting three off the tee.
19TH. HOLE: Al, Taffy, Jake and Ed
Fairways and greens guys...pretty basic eh!
                                                             Al Wardstrom
                                                      The "WINNER" 2002