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AWFA Reunion 1998 Winnipeg

Better Late Than Never!
 A big vote of thanks is due to Len Sturch, our comrade in far off New Zealand, for these photographs of the decade and a half ago Prairies reunion. Len was always an avid photographer, and these great shots attest to his skill, since they were taken with an early model low resolution digital camera. The quality shows their age, but they're precious anyway, as memories always are.
With Len and Sharleine's help, I've done my best to add names; if you can add or correct my efforts, please do. You know how to get in touch!

Bill and Caroline Morris, Pete Growen, Taff Evans, Marion Growen, Wendy and Vern Matheusik

Positive IDs are Ed and Trom nearest, Pat and Jake in the rear!


The one above is tricky, so I need more space to name everybody! The two ladies looking in from the foreground are Mary Goski and Sharleine H. From the left, against the wall, we have: Jake, Taffy (maybe) adjusting camera, Ed taking pic, Trom, Vern (maybe), Carolyn Morris, Wendy M. in red dress, Bill Morris in Tilley hat, and another hidden lady behind him. Phew!

Marion G, Wendy M, Carolyn M, Betty Tremblay (maybe), Mary G, Sharleine H, Edna Ledgerwood.