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** PUNCHBOWL 18759 ** RV 2010

(If you'd like to revisit the page used for pre-reunion briefings, you'll find it HERE. It might come in useful should you be organising a future get-together!)

Joe Gulyes - whose generosity made this happen

Thanks to the efforts of many folks, but principally Pat and Edna Ledgerwood and Lloyd Graham, a Squadron Reunion took place in Edmonton, September 14-16, 2010.
Those attending were: Pat & Edna Ledgerwood, Lloyd & Mary-Lou Graham, Gary & Una Garnier, Trom Tremblay, Sharleine Haycock, Dan Gagnon & Olga Vanier, Bob & Margaret Eley, Andy & Vivian Hartford, Arnold Dagenais, Ed & Mary Goski, and Ray & Heather Lovegrove.
So many others wanted to come, but ill-health (we aren't getting any younger!) prevented them. We're all sorry you couldn't make it, and hope to see you at the next one!
The main catalyst for this get-together was the commissioning of a CF-100 painting by Joe Gulyes, the generous donation of the picture by the artist, Alan Botting, and the subsequent presentation of the picture to the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. 
We'll cover everything in this and other linked pages, and you can "read in" to the events on 18759 - A Surviving Warrior. An update to the story can be found in the Painting Presentation link further down this page. One comrade who couldn't make it is Peter DeSmedt; he knew Joe well, and shares a few words about him in this E-mail.

"Livin' in the Taaall Green!"
Pat and Edna's Condo Building

Meet and Greet - Tuesday Evening
Pat and Edna were the gracious hosts for this event, held in their palatial Edmonton condo. Everyone had a great time as old comrades got reacquainted, some meeting for the first time since squadron days. A lot of (digital!) film was exposed, a selection of which you can see HERE

... plus the ubiquitous squadron flag!
Joe's painting

Painting Presentation - Wednesday Morning
Early in the A.M. we drove south to the Reynolds Museum, for a formal ceremony in which Joe's painting was presented by the artist, Alan Botting, to the museum. The day was rainy, but couldn't dampen the spirits of those who attended this moving occasion.  Please click HERE for the full story and pictures. 

Lloyd having his cake ... and eating it too?

Formal Dinner - Wednesday Evening
We all dined in style at The Delta Edmonton South, our reunion headquarters, the occasion also being used to celebrate Lloyd's birthday. Lots of photos, including a marvellous "Gallery of Couples" shot by Sharleine, may be found HERE.

Our hosts: Andy and Vivian

An Added Treat: Dinner at Andy and Vivian's
While we did enjoy the usual Farewell Breakfast at the Delta, things didn't end there! Andy and Vivian Hartford invited us all to a dinner-fest on Thursday evening, at their palatial home in "The 'Burbs". For photos of the occasion, please click HERE.
Reunions are always special, and this one - with its twin missions: to honour Joe Gulyes and 18759, and to bring old comrades together again - was no exception. As always, we hope it won't be the last, so let me throw out an idea which didn't fly before, but is worth repeating ...
Trenton, perhaps in 2012?