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AWFA Reunion 2001 Ottawa

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A brief introduction ...
This is the first of three pages covering the All Weather Fighter Reunions attended by lynxes - did anyone go to Mexico in '05? At this date (February 2009) it would seem that the heyday of these get-togethers may be over. The indomitable gentlemen who organized reunion after reunion, and still maintain the web site, would - understandably - like a rest, and it seems hard to find new recruits.
Those of us who attended any of these gatherings will remember them with pleasure; these pages constitute a 416 "Thank you" to those who laboured long and hard to make them happen.

Following are some fairly low res (a polite way of saying "not very good") digital pictures of lynxes who attended. Names marked with * are, sadly, no longer with us.

 Frank Neshine
Frank Neshine (rt) and friend

Barry and John
Barry Mootham and John Allison (*)
Sharleine-Jake Haycock, Dan Gagnon between them
A (fairly!) cozy foursome
... and Len Sturch on the right

Joan and Arnold
Joan McLean and Arn Dagenais

Havin' a great time!
Ed Goski, Jake Haycock, Dave Lennox

A happy couple!
Denis and Agatha Rogers

Dear Betty and "Trom"
Betty (*) and Roland "Trom" Tremblay

Claude and Ghislaine
Claude (*) and Ghislaine Montour

Gale and Stubby
Gale and Stuart ("Stubby") Holmes

At the Aviation Museum ...
Time out to visit an old friend
Jake, Tex McCheyne, Trom, Denis Rogers, Len Sturch

Lucille and Barry
Lucille and Barry Mootham

.                                                                                                                                                                .

Before the inevitable goodbyes ...
The gang's (almost) all here!
... one simply must do Sunday Brunch!

Clockwise from the left: Mary Goski, John Allison (*), Dave Lennox,
Betty (*) and Trom, Agatha Rogers, Jake and Sharleine Haycock, Denis Rogers.