A collection of "Antique" News items from Claude's site, dated 1999 through 2004

Chatham - July 2016
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1. January 2004 - a tour of Trom's buried house!
2. January 2004 - the Haycock's newsletter for the previous year.
3. September 2002 - the AWFA Memorial at Trenton is dedicated. Jake
    sends notes and photos.
4. Also in September - a short newsletter from Jake.
5. June 1999 - a group of lynxes take an Alaskan Cruise!

Meanwhile, back in St-Gabriel de Valcartier, Québec...
You guys make a big deal out of a few inches of snow. (January 2004)
Around here when we talk about snow we mean SNOW, not a sprinkle!
Have a look at my driveway: bring a shovel, pay me a visit and get in shape for the Ed Goski open.
  Trom     (would Trom be here looking for his golf balls?)

A good spot for a Winter Survival course!
Chez Tremblay - A good spot for a Winter Survival course?

Clearing space for a Driving Range?


January 2004 Punchbowl Letter


Dear Troops n' Troopers:


From the numerous Christmas cards we received, it appears that the snail mail route is still in Vogue.  Thanks to all who corresponded with us over the holidays. We enjoy reading about your travels and escapades. So keep 'em coming.

I neglected to inform you that Taffy Evans underwent eye surgery recently but fully expects to be hitting that little white golf ball soon and is planning to dethrone Al Wardstrom in Comox in September. Taffy has not regained full use of his left eye, but the doctors say he can still be hopeful.

We learned that Andy Hartford was tentatively diagnosed with cancer in November 2002; it was confirmed in February and he went through some difficult treatments from which he is still suffering the side effects. We wish Andy a full and complete recovery.  Andy and Vivians new address is 301 53302, R.R. 261, Spruce Grove, AB   T7Y 1A7

We hadn't heard from Tex McCheyne, but were given to understand that he has had some health issues. We decided to give him a call and have just had a cheery conversation with him. He's in good spirits and appears to be on the mend. All the best Tex.

No further information from Poppy on John Allison's condition. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers. A card in the mail may cheer John up.

Arn and Joan Dagenais traveled extensively throughout Brazil this past year and are still very involved in linguistic studies and teaching.  While in Rio de Janeiro, Arn was assaulted in the street. Although he did not lose too much money, his tailbone was broken in the fall.  He seems to have recovered well from his injuries.  Good on ya mate.

Norman Smith who resides in Hawaii spent 61/2 weeks in hospital for his decubitus. Norm is at home under the care of Janet and for his 83 years, he is doing well.

EMW Robinson has moved from Southern California to Sin City, USA  (Las Vegas) Robbie and Claudine's new address is 9905 Cozy Glen Circle, Las Vegas, NV.  89117 0939.  Phone (702) 228-2284.  Robbie has also joined the electronic age and can be contacted at  clau2rob@earthlink.net   Claudine underwent major surgery last fall and is now enjoying the prime of life in good health.

Laurie Woollett who is a volunteer with Food for the Hungry, spent three months in the Democratic Republic of Congo in late 2003 and will be returning there in early 2004.

Tom Bogle's and Bill Cole's e-mails were undeliverable. Does anyone have their current e-mails? Please send them along if you do.

Pat Ledgerwood may be able to join us in Comox  for our 416 biennual Punchbowl Golf Open on September 15 and 16.  Although Ray Griffiths does not golf, he intends to join us on at least one of our fun filled evenings. The nerve center (HQ) for this increasingly popular event is located at 2172 Downey Avenue in Comox. We hope that more of you will be able to participate in this mini punchbowl reunion

Should the AWFA reunion slated for 2005  "NOT" take place, a suggestion has been made for a Punchbowl 416 CF-100 Sqn. reunion like we held in Toronto in '93. Two locations have been suggested.  St. Hubert where we all came together many years ago or Hamilton where they have an excellent Heritage War Plane Museum. There are many other attractions in the area, such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Niagara on the Lake where the Shaw Theatre is and much more. Should it be held in St. Hubert, I'm sure the lights of ol' Montréal would bring back many a happy and carefree memory also.  We should know in early February if there will or won't be an AWFA reunion. My unofficial survey showed four interested and twelve of us not interested in an out-of-country reunion.

We encourage and solicit your input and suggestions.

Everyone else seems to be holding their own healthwise, to our knowledge. If I have left out some of the activities enjoyed by the troops this past year, it is for lack of space and not wanting to make this too lengthy. What I have done, is try to touch on all those situations that a person's health was a factor.

All the best in the coming year!  May you continue to love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.

Your friends,

Jake n' Sharleine

15 September 2002
A rather small (approx. 100) but enthusiastic group attended the AWFA Memorial Dedication ceremony held at the Air Force Museum in Trenton on Saturday, September 14th. They were expecting 200-300 people.
The memorial was unveiled by G/C Schultz (410/425 Sqn.) and Mrs. Cox (409 Sqn.), who lost her husband in an accident in Comox during our era.
This rather  large, impressive black piece of granite marble has 127 names of fallen comrades engraved on it front and back. 



.                                                                                                                                                                 .
This was my first visit to this museum and I was quite impressed. There are plans to build a hangar to house the numerous vintage aircraft that are now sitting outside at the mercy of the elements. I would encourage anyone passing through Trenton to stop by there and spend a few minutes.
Also, I'm very pleased to report that Gary and Una Garnier are planning on attending the reunion in Calgary next summer.
That's about it.  Hope this finds you all well.
Warmest regards,
4 September 2002 - A short news-note from Jake H.
Although we reached 30°C yesterday afternoon, the HOTTEST, DRIEST summer since records began is finally coming to an end.
Received word from Pat Ledgerwood last week and his ordeal continues to plague him. Following several tests and procedures, he is still having difficulty in the plumbing department and it could be a while yet before things return to normal. To quote Pat... "In three of the four cases things returned to normal in about a year and in the fourth case, it took over two years for things to return to normal. I hope I'm in the shorter recovery group".
We are very pleased to report that Arn & Joan Dagenais will be taking time out of their busy lifestyle in Mexico to attend the reunion in Calgary July/August 2003.
Ron Egli will be attending all the AWFA functions in Calgary, and although Leslie will be there with him, she will be visiting with family and friends. Ron has indicated that he will participate in a mini golf tournament if such can be arranged. We may not be able to keep up with Ron on the golf course however, as he may be sporting a hot new pace maker in the not-too-distant future. We wish Ron the best of luck and health in this regard.
Lloyd & Mary-Lou Graham are undecided with respect to attending the reunion at this time. They have a very busy lifestyle, but hope to fit it in.
Although I am still golfing a couple of times a week, I have been unable to duplicate the fantastic feat I accomplished on the 15th at Glacier Green in August. Sharleine and I hope you've all had a great summer and wish you the best for a pleasant Autumn.
P.S. If anyone has a current e-mail address for Laurie Woollett, please send it along. Thanks.

Cruise to Alaska, June 1999

On the Promenade Deck - Shuffleboard anyone?

From the left: Betty and Trom Tremblay, Al Wardstrom, Betty and Elva (Sharleine's friends), Pat Ledgerwood, Sharleine (sitting in the shadows) and Jake Haycock, Lise and Jacques Turcotte.

As usual, the Lynxes are in the front row!
Pat Ledgerwood, Lise and Jack Turcotte, Taffy, Al Wardstrom

... and he even has an ocean view!
Taffy Evans ... dining in style