Lynx Songbook - Command Decision
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Lyrics by Bob Gillet - (tune - Loving You)

Every day we look around for things to do;

Little things that must end up in shafting you.

When we tire of these little games we use our big franchise;

Plan and exercise, with no targets in the skies.

Please don't knock us if we carry on this way;

Best laid plans of mice or men must go astray.

Comes the end of a day's long grind while naturally I feel blue;

Because I've spent from eight till five - shafting you.

(meanwhile at the squadron)

We'll fly and pay our debts boys;

There ain't no targets yet boys;

We haven't had no targets yet.

We haven't had a scramble;

And I suspect a shambles;

They're playing games in Command I'll bet.

We're fighting like heck boys;

To go and risk our neck boys;

To scramble on that big weather check.

They only call me Tiger because I drive a Jaguar.

But Tiger is the name I'll get you bet.

We're bound to get some targets yet.